Saturday, November 8, 2008

French Family Shares in the Victory Celebration!

On an implulse I invited this french family to share the excitement and join in the cruise on Michigan Avenue. They started a night of memories that will live forever in my mind. They sent some pics and a note.

Hi Rich, This is Thierry, the french guy who joined you with Meggie, Julia & Candice on Michigan Avenue on Nov the 4th for the "great day".We will always keep a great souvenir of this day and especially of that cruise into the "Obamalac" across the streets of Chicago. We would like to really thank you for having make this moment possible and for your kindness. The girls have realized how lucky they were to be in your car a such historical day and I am sure they will always remember you and this day. The weather, the people, the happyness, everything has contributed to make this day a special day. I also want to say how proud the entire world is for what the people of America have done on that election. We are sure that your choice and your wisdom will bring you some better days. We cordially thank you again and hope to see you again, God bless America and his people,

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