Sunday, August 24, 2008

Night Shot of OBAMA '08 Graphic Sticker

Added something to rearview of the OBAMALAC! Get behind Obama!!!!

Two New Signs for End of Primary Season

I picked up the Obama Biden sign in Springfield yesterday. The new sign (old one was The Time is Now) was made by Stick 'em Up Graphics of Rock Island Illinois and reflects the change to the November election time and focus. It reflects light also!

Barack Obama Returns to Springfield Illinois 23 August 2008

Another great photo taken by my son Devin. The camera loves this man!

Democratic Team for 2008 at Springfield IL

Great shot of the Team taken by my son Devin Miller. Hot, humid, and a day for all time!

Springfield Obama/Biden Speech 23 August 2008

A shady spot in downtown Springfield the morning of the speech to introduce Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. It was as hot as it was cold the last time we were here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Off to the Convention. First stop, Springfield and the Veep.

I'm just leaving to pick up the OBAMALAC at the shop. We had some paint touchup and are applying an update to the trunk lettering. See ya on the road to Springfield, then Denver, then the WHITEHOUSE!!!
NOTE: Health concerns forced me to cancel the trip to Denver.

Monday, August 18, 2008

2004 Convention Speech: Marine Meeting Obama

Seamus Ahern is pictured next to Ella Mae Winger and the Obamalac at a fund raiser for his brother, the 17th Congressional District's elected rep to the 2008 Democratic Convention next week. Seamus is the young Marine Sen Obama spoke about at the last Democratic Convention when he electrified so many of us! You can see more on this on my 31 Dec 2007 posting.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Convention Delegate Party

Dennis Ahern poses outside of the East End Club, Moline, IL where they held a fundraiser today to send him to Denver for the Democratic Convention. His Mother, Sue, is in blue, his Son Theodore (3) and Daughter Mary Kate (2) are in Irish Green. His new-born Son, Sullivan Patrick, was inside at this time. Ella Mae Winger, a friend to every working family, is also pictured. Dennis is our elected representative to the convention from the 17th District here in Illinois (17th Congressional seat held by Rep Phil Hare (Democrat), formerly held by the now retired, always revered, and forever respected Lane Evans). We will meet again in Denver!!!!!