Thursday, July 5, 2007

Obamalac on Capitol Fax

"One of my sons, Richard, writes Capitol Fax, an IL political newsletter and also does the Capitol Fax Blog, The Obamalac got a mention on his blog today. Rich writes---

" As I’ve told you before, my father is a big Barack Obama fan and has decorated his 1963 Cadillac with huge “Obama ‘08″ stickers. The AP ran a photo today of Obama leaning up against Dad’s car…
And the
Politico had this item at the end of a story on Obama’s speech to some transcendental meditation types…
Behind him, a man driving a red, white and blue 1963 Cadillac convertible with the word “Obamalac” and “The Time Is Now” carefully stenciled across it was being gently chided by a wiry, smiling meditator.
“The time is now,” the driver said, as he headed out of town.
“But the time is always now,” the local man said.
And I hope he doesn’t get himself on the wrong side of the Secret Service while he’s out there tooling around. A photo
here of the Obamalac has this caption…
At one point the owner of this car pulled up in front of Obama’s ride, and the secret service told him to move on.
Oy, again

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