Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Time Is Now

As a young man I remember hearing about the slogan "We'll Be Free By '63!" Back in the 1950's that was a slogan of future promise to people of color. The slogan asked for their patience for a better time to come.
When I had the graphics people make the signs for the Obamalac, I added the "The Time Is Now" as a display line. To me it means Obama is our candidate today, not our black candidate for the future. And he doesn't need to wait for "his turn" like Bob Dole, both Bushes, McCain, Al Gore, Hillary and so many others.
This picture was taken by the Washington Post. There was an AP story about one of the TM guys at Fairfield telling me how the time is always now. As you can imagine we had a very short discussion. I was surprised while watching Tucker on MSNBC last week when his guest, Cliff May, said the comment was his favorite part of the Fairfield story. I'll post the MSNBC transcript when they release it. BOTTOM LINE: It's my car, It's my line, and He's my candidate, today! THE TIME IS NOW!
Extract from MSNBC web site:
Here with a definitive answer to those questions, the President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy‘s Cliff May. And “Newsweek‘s” Senior White House Correspondent Richard Wolffe. (6 July discussion of Obama's Fairfield Iowa appearance on 3 July)

MAY: Tucker, I don‘t think Americans like empathy. Let me say that. But my favorite part of the story is the Obama supporter who had written on his car the time is now. And a Maharishi follower said but the time is always now.
WOLFFE: Very creative reporting. I hand it to the Politic there. But I was there in that crowd. You could not tell that was a Maharishi crowd. Fairfield does exist as a real place beyond people doing Yoga and transcendental meditation.

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