Tuesday, April 14, 2009

End of the Obamalac

The Obama's are in the White House and somethings can never be the same again. Thank goodness! Now it's time to move on so I'm having the decals removed Thursday from the Obamalac and my beautiful 1963 Cadillac will return to being a partner (since 1976) in enjoying my everyday life. My most important partner is my wife (since 1959) and she didn't complain when I showed the world my support for Obama. I did this once before when I covered my brand new 1964 Ford Falcon with Goldwater signs. I respected Barry then and Barack now. Michelle will share his new life and make us all so very, very proud.

Election night on Michigan Ave was thrilling and that thrill will last forever. I brought my butt off of the couch to support someone I had listened to and then believed in and I don't regret a minute of the time spent!

I want to thank the folks at Stick'Em Up Graphics Inc, downtown Rock Island IL, 820 4th Ave,(309) 794-9808 for the use of their skills that created the graphics. Also, Rich Brannen of Brannen's Automotive, 2100 5th Ave Moline IL, (309) 736-2680, kept the car going time after time with his great mind. And Free Land Auto Body, 2626 7th Ave, Rock Island, (309) 786-2208 provided upgrades to the pearl white paint job when required.

It was a great ride and I loved it, but more importantly, the country now has a President they can believe in. I was glad to be a very small part, but a part, of the transformation.

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